Berkeley Advisory Board

(in alphabetic order)

Michael Botchan
Dean of Biological Sciences

Carla Hesse
Peder Sather Professor of History

Trond Petersen
Executive Associate Dean, Academic Director                                                                                 Peder Sather Center, Ex Officio
Professor of Sociology

Raka Ray
Dean of Social Sciences

Donald Rio
Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Molecular                                                                                and Cell Biology

Mark Sandberg
Professor of Scandinavian Studies

Philip Stark                                                                                                                                           Associate Dean, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Elliot Turiel
Professor, Graduate School of Education

Karl van Bibber                                                                                                                                     Executive Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Catherine Wolfram                                                                                                                     Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Chair of the Faculty,                                                              Haas School of Business

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