Grantees 2020

2020 Peder Sather Grant Program Awards

BI Norwegian Business School (BI)

Models of sustainable farming and adaptive responses to a global pandemic in different geographical contexts
Norway: Heidi Wiig
Berkeley: Alastair Iles

The distributive impact of the global economy on workers and firms
Norway: Simon Galle
Berkeley Andres Rodriguez-Clare

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Berkeley-NHH Conference on Applied Microeconomics
Norway: Eirik Kristiansen
Berkeley: Jonathan Kolstad

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

UX Wilderness: rethinking user experience, holding capacity, and public/private relationships along scenic roadways in California and Norway
Norway: Jorg Sieweke
Berkeley: Richard Hindle

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Unequal Childhoods: Interrogating Durable Inequalities in Schools and associated Welfare Systems
Norway: Håkon Leiulfsrud
Berkeley: David Harding

Ferroic domain walls for multi-level data storage and reservoir computing
Norway: Dennis Meier
Berkeley: Lane Martin

Performance-Based Modeling and Monitoring of Excavation Effects on Structures
Norway: Max Hendriks
Berkeley: Matthew DeJong

Comparative Multi-Modal Neurocognition Experiments for Enhanced Engineering Design Research
Norway: Martin Steinert
Berkeley: Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Deep Learning-based Embedded Control Systems for Biomedical Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets
Norway: Sigurd Skogestad
Berkeley: Ali Mesbah

Microenvironmental drivers of plant community dynamics
Norway: Bente Graae
Berkeley: Benjamin Blonder

Berkeley/NTNU A Large-Scale Subjective Dataset for Images and Videos Quality Assessment
Norway: Seyed Ali Amirshahi
Berkeley: Bruno Olshausen

Teaching Social Theory
Norway: Johan Fredrik Rye
Berkeley: Michael Burawoy

Adaptations to variable seasons
Norway: Irja Ida Ratikainen
Berkeley: Caroline Williams

University of Agder (UiA)

Governing Crisis in the European Union (GovernCrisis)
Norway: Jarle Trondal
Berkeley: Chris Ansell

Urban planning for Democracy & Citizen Participation -part 2
Norway: Kjell Overvåg
Berkeley: Jason Coburn

Understanding gendered faculty careers across academic contexts
Norway: Gro-Renée Rambø
Berkeley: Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Feasibility study of a very large floating dock for installation of floating wind turbines
Norway: Zhiyu Jiang
Berkeley: Reza Alam

University of Bergen (UiB)

Course Recommendation & Learning Analytics for Exchange Students (CERES)
Norway: Mohammad Khalil
Berkeley: Zachary Pardos

A Water-Systems Approach to Understanding Rivers and Urban Form
Norway: Terje Tvedt
Berkeley: G. Mathias Kondolf

ADHD and the high risk of self-injurious thoughts and behavior: A public health challenge calling for immediate action and international collaboration
Norway: Astri J. Lundervold
Berkeley: Stephen Hinshaw

Cross-national experiences of foster care: Does the welfare state matter?
Norway: Marit Skivenes
Berkeley: Jill Berrick

Defending Human Rights Against All Odds: Understanding the Resilience of Activists in Uncertain Political Conditions
Norway: Lise Rakner
Berkeley: Leonardo Arriola

Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Immobility and Movement Across Contested Grounds
Norway: Christine Jacobsen
Berkeley: Leti Volpp

De/Re-Regulation of Power Markets and Evolving Solar PV Governance
Norway: Siddarth Sareen
Berkeley: Daniel Kammen

University of Oslo (UiO)

Molecular Mechanisms of Lysosomal Transformation in Cancer
Norway: Cinzia (Anita Maria) Progida
Berkeley: Roberto Zoncu

Solving Nuclear Data Deficiencies in the A=95 Fission Fragment Mass
Norway: Sunniva Siem
Berkeley: Jasmina Vujic

Markers of brain activity in early Alzheimer’s Disease: The Berkeley-Oslo alliance
Norway: Anders M. Fjell
Berkeley: William Jagust

Towards a Global Summit on Gene Editing for Environmental Purposes? An interdisciplinary debate on risk, uncertainty and precaution in the new genetic era
Norway: Nertila Kuraj
Berkeley: Daniel Farber

Unravelling the genomic basis for adaptation in the snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus)
Norway: Helle Baalsrud
Berkeley: Rasmus Nielsen

Post-Conflict Security Structures: The Political-Geography of State Control
Norway: Scott Gates
Berkeley: Aila Matanock

Groundwater Response to Snowpack Changes
Norway: Andrea L. Popp
Berkeley: Laurel G. Larsen

The Rise of the Hindu Right in Indian Electoral Politics
Norway: Francesca Jensenius
Berkeley: Pradeep Chhibber

University of Stavanger (UiS)

Exhuming immigrant voices from the past: a critical archival study of the Bancroft Library
Norway: Linn Normand
Berkeley: Catherine Choy

UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

The Political Life of the Ice Edge: A Comparative Study of the Bering and
Barents Seas
Norway: Brett Kristoffersen
Berkeley: Michael Watts