2023 Peder Sather Grant Program Awards

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Ph.D. Course in Behavioral Economics with Shachar Kariv titled, “Confronting Decision Theory with Experimental Data and Vice Versa”

Education – $20,000
Norway: Bertil Tungodden
Berkeley: Shachar Kariv

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Fragile Environments: harnessing creative interventions in sound composition and music technologies to encourage imaginative listening and increased agency in facing the climate emergency.

Arts & Humanities – $20,000
Norway: Heather Frasch
Berkeley: Myra Melford

Creating Geologically Informed Image Processing to Automate the Detection of Hazards and Resources in Glaciated Landscapes

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Jan Rod
Berkeley: Fernando Perez

Empowering Children’s STEM Learning Through Embodied Interaction

Education – $20,000
Norway: Michail Giannakos
Berkeley: Dor Abrahamson

Empowering Cities’ Climate-resilience Through Satellite-enabled Monitoring: The Management of Disaster Chains

Engineering & Design – $20,000
Norway: Yutao Pan
Berkeley: Kenichi Soga

Growth and Biological Aging of the Namib Desert Endemic Plant Weltwitschia Mirabilis

Life & Medical Science – $20,000
Norway: Michael D. Martin
Berkeley: Todd Dawson

Transferability of Autonomous Technologies Between Automotive and Maritime Engineering: Focusing on Human Roles and Human Behavior Analysis

Engineering & Design – $20,000
Norway: Baiheng Wu
Berkeley: Masayoshi Tomizuka

Workshops for the Exchange of Ideas Regarding Recent Developments on Frictional Drag Reduction for Shipping Emission Reduction

Business & Economics – $20,000
Norway: Lars Erik Holmedal
Berkeley: Simo Makiharju

Personalized Indoor Environment Conditioner for Surgical Microenvironment in Operating Rooms

Business & Economics – $20,000
Norway: Guangyu Cao
Berkeley: Hui Zhang

University of Agder (UiA)

GIS Mapping, Simulation Modelling and Their Pedagogical Applications for Urban History in the Greek Mediterranean

Arts & Humanities – $25,000
Norway: Apostolos Spanos
Berkeley: Christine Philliou

University of Bergen (UiB)

From Lightening to the Dawn of Time: Study of the Timing Structure of Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts with the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $15,000
Norway: Martino Marisaldi
Berkeley: Raffaella Margutti

Heterogenous Integration of Sensor Films on Pixel Readout Chips

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Bjarne Sandvik Stugu
Berkeley: Marjorie Shapiro

Transformation and Disruption: The Challenges and Opportunities of AI for Human Creativity

Arts & Humanities – $20,000
Norway: Scott Robert Rettberg
Berkeley: Alexandra Saum Pascual

Cognitive Mechanisms of Correlation Neglect

Social Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Andrey Chetverikov
Berkeley: David Whitney

Adaptation to Climate Change By a Key Player in the Global Carbon Cycle: The Lantern Fish

Life & Medical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Anne Salvanes
Berkeley: Chris Martin

Habitable Air: Urban Inequality in the Time of Climate Change

Social Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Kerry Ryan Chance
Berkeley: Courtney Morris

University of Oslo (UiO)

Data Assimilation to Quantify Mountain Snow

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Désirée Treichler
Berkeley: Manuela Girotto

Structure-based Discovery of Chemokine Receptor Antagonists

Life & Medical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Osman Gani
Berkeley: Robert A. Saxton

Workshop: Multimodal Analytics of Moving for Learning

Education – $20,000
Norway: Alexander Refsum Jenesenius
Berkeley: Dor Abrahamson

Uncovering the Main Drivers of Carbon Storage in Marine Plankton: Linking from Primary to Secondary Production

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Khuong Dinh
Berkeley: Trevor Keenan

Geochronology Along the Southern San Andreas Fault (GSA)

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Jean-Baptiste Koehl
Berkeley: Roland Burgmann

Tunable Electrons-Magnon Interactions for Ultra Low Energy Device Applications

Mathematical & Physical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Justin Wells
Berkeley: Frances Hellmann

Adapting Machine Learning to Norwegian Health Data to Enhance Causal Analyses of Patient Pathways and Patients’ Outcome

Life & Medical Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Terje Hagen
Berkeley: Alan Hubbard

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Economic Statecraft and Hybrid Wars: Implications for Middle and Regional Powers

Social Sciences – $20,000
Norway: Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv
Berkeley: Vinod Aggarwal

The Inferiority Complaint: Exploring Objectionable Hierarchies Within and Across States (THINC)

Arts & Humanities – $20,000
Norway: Kim Angell
Berkeley: Niko Kolodny

Exploring Boundaries-Phonological Domains at the Interface with Morphology and Syntax

Arts & Humanities – $20,000
Norway: Martin Krämer
Berkeley: Hannah Sande