2014 Grantees

2014 Peder Sather Grant Program Awards

Addressing Nuclear Data Needs in the Thorium Fuel Cycle
UC Berkeley: Professor Jasmina Vujic
Norway: Professor Sunniva Siem, University of Oslo

Advancing Collaboration for Positive Youth Development in Norway and the US
UC Berkeley: Professor Emily Ozer
Norway: Professor Ingrid Holsen, University of Bergen

Assessing Intermediary Expertise in Arctic Energy Development
UC Berkeley: Professor Daniel Kammen
Norway: Professor Arthur Mason, University of Tromsø

Assessment of Students’ Digital Competence
UC Berkeley: Professor Mark Wilson
Norway: Professor Rolf Olsen, University of Oslo

Audio-Visual Temporal Misalignment as a Factor in Historical Sound Change
UC Berkeley: Professor Keith Johnson
Norway: Professor Dawn Behne, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Berkeley-Oslo Initiative in Valuation Studies
UC Berkeley: Professor Massimo Mazzotti
Norway: Professor Kristin Asdal, University of Oslo

Characteristics, Risk and Resilience Factors Across the Life-Span of Individuals with ADHD
UC Berkeley: Professor Stephen P. Hinshaw
Norway: Professor Astri Lundervold, University of Bergen

Computational Design of Flexible Electromagnetically-Actuated Microshutter Materials For Efficient Incident Solar/Radiative Energy Control
UC Berkeley: Professor Tarek Zohdi
Norway: Professor Arild Gustavsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Development of Ultrasound Transmitter for Advanced Biomedical Imaging Systems
UC Berkeley: Professor Ali Niknejad
Norway: Professor Trond Ytterdal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Distributive Mapping of Microbes in a Changing World
UC Berkeley: Professor Ignacio Chapela
Norway: Professor Thomas Bøhn, University of Tromsø

Efficiency and Equity in Economics Based Tools for Climate Change Policy
UC Berkeley: Professor David Anthoff
Norway: Professor Jørgen Randers, BI Norwegian Business School

Empirical Analysis of Firm Incentives and Moral Hazard in Vertical Relations
UC Berkeley: Professor Benjamin Handel
Norway: Professor Lars Sørgard, Norwegian School of Economics

Evolution and Emotion: How Adaptive Patterns of Emotion Lead to Emergent Properties of Cognition and Behavior
UC Berkeley: Professor Lucia Jacobs
Norway: Professor Jarl Giske, University of Bergen

Ezra Pound: Propaganda, Poetry, and Fascist Faith
UC Berkeley: Professor Charles Altieri
Norway: Professor Erik Tonning, University of Bergen

Face of Terror: The Social and Cultural Agency of Media in Globalized Environments
UC Berkeley: Professor Mary Ann Doane
Norway: Professor Anne Gjelsvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

First BCCP-Oslo Workshop in Computational Cosmology: Advanced Statistical Methods in Large Scale Structure
UC Berkeley: Professor Uros Seljak
Norway: Professor Hans Kristian Eriksen, University of Oslo

Governance in Turbulent Times – Stage II
UC Berkeley: Professor Christopher Ansell
Norway: Professor Jarle Trondal, University of Agder

Health Production or Overspending: Comparing Cardiovascular Treatment Intensity and Outcomes in the U.S. with the Norwegian EuroHOPE Project
UC Berkeley: Professor William Dow
Norway: Professor Tor Iversen, University of Oslo

Integration of 3D Seismic Wave Propagation for Source Analysis of Mining and Geothermal Induced Earthquakes
UC Berkeley: Professor Douglas Dreger
Norway: Professor Henk Keers, University of Bergen

Knowledge Analysis in Coupled Social-Ecological Systems a Pilot Study in Smallholder Farmer Communities in Zambia
UC Berkeley: Professor Andrea diSessa
Norway: Professor Birgit Kopainsky, University of Bergen

Long Term Dynamics of IT Agglomerations: The Cases of Silicon Valley and Kongsberg
UC Berkeley: Professor David Teece
Norway: Professor Knut Sogner, BI Norwegian Business School

Making Markets: Commodity Grading and Trading in the Modern World, 1750-2014
UC Berkeley: Professor Caitlin Rosenthal
Norway: Professor Espen Storli, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Nor-Wise – Investigating Science Learning in Norway and the US
UC Berkeley: Professor Marcia Linn
Norway: Professor Hans Christian Arnseth, University of Oslo

Observing Glutamate: The Impact of Glutamate Spillover on Neural Circuit Function
UC Berkeley: Professor Marla Feller
Norway: Professor Margaret Veruki, University of Bergen

Probing the Role of Inhibition in the Brain with Optogenetic Pharmacology
UC Berkeley: Professor Richard Kramer
Norway: Professor Joel Glover, University of Oslo

Programmable Self-Assembly and Folding of Synthetic Proteins in Solution
UC Berkeley: Professor Nitash Balsara
Norway: Professor Reidar Lund, University of Oslo

Role of Nature Versus Humans in Shaping Fish Populations
UC Berkeley: Professor Stephanie Carlson
Norway: Professor Esben Olsen, University of Agder

Temporal Dynamics of Cerebellar Contributions to Language Processing
UC Berkeley: Professor Richard Ivry
Norway: Professor Stein Andersson, University of Oslo

Towards a Better Understanding of Interhemispheric Asymmetries in the Global Aurora
UC Berkeley: Professor Stuart Bale
Norway: Professor Nikolai Østgaard, University of Bergen

Towards the Most Efficient Engine in the World, the Argon Engine Consortium Workshop
UC Berkeley: Professor Jyh-Yuan Chen
Norway: Professor Terese Lovas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Trapped in Treatment: The Effects of Sick Leave on Long Term Labor Market
UC Berkeley: Professor David Card
Norway: Professor Mari Rege, University of Stavanger (UiS)

Understanding Success and Developing Management Leadership on International Complex Projects
UC Berkeley: Professor Iris Tommelein
Norway: Professor Bjorn Andersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Wireless Sensor Network for Snow Digital Elevation Models (SnowDEM)
UC Berkeley: Professor Steven Glaser
Norway: Professor John Burkhart, University of Oslo

Workshop and Research on Innovation and Technology Licensing
UC Berkeley: Professor Richard Gilbert
Norway: Professor Eirik Kristiansen, Norwegian School of Economics

Workshop Package on: Unpacking the Nordic Model
UC Berkeley: Professor Linda Rugg
Norway: Professor Berit Karseth, University of Oslo

Workshop: Development of a Customizable Pre-Fabricated Footbridge in Bodø, Norway
UC Berkeley: Professor Rene Davids
Norway: Professor Pasi Aalto, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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