Grantees 2021

2021 Peder Sather Grant Program Awards

BI Norwegian Business School (BI)  

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Arts & Humanities – $25,000
Norway: Irinia Eidsvold-Tøien
Berkeley: Robert Merges

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Rationality and moral decision-making
Business and Economics-$25,000
Norway: Bertil Tungodden
Berkeley: Shachar Kariv

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

A genomic investigation of climate change impacts on the fitness of the ocean’s top predator, the killer whale
Life and Medical Sciences-$22,500
Norway: Andrew Foote
Berkeley: Rasmus Nielsen

Adaptation in the Anthropocene: the Iago Sparrow genome as a key to understand adaptation to anthropogenic environments
Life and Medical Sciences-$24,000
Norway: José Cerca
Berkeley: Rauri Bowie

Cryptography for Big Data
Mathematical and Physical Sciences-$19,000
Norway: Jiaxin Pan
Berkeley: Sanjam Garg

Charting the Translocal Arctic: Environmental, Infrastructural, and Social Interconnections
Social Sciences-$12,000
Norway: Arthur Mason
Berkeley: Daniel Kammen

Understanding emerging models of care and aging in place: A Cross-cultural comparison between Norway and the United States
Social Sciences-$22,500
Norway: Laila Tingvold
Berkeley: Andrew Scharlach

University of Bergen (UiB)

Multilingual Search Methods for Heterogeneous Ethnographic Materials in Norwegian Dialects
Arts & Humanities-$15,000
Norway: Kyrre Kverndokk
Berkeley: Timothy Tangherlini

Investing in safe deliveries: correcting misperceived social norms to provide more generous maternity grants in rural Zambia
Business and Economics-$20,000
Norway: Peter Hangoma
Berkeley: William Dow

Disruptive Potential of Microplastic-associated Chemicals on Marine Mammal Physiology
Life and Medical Sciences-$20,000
Norway: Anders Goksøyr
Berkeley: Jose Pablo Vazquez-Medina

Maintaining a safe germline in plants
Life and Medical Sciences-$15,000
Norway: Iain Johnston
Berkeley: Ben Williams

Using nanosensors to study neuromodulation in development, function, and diseases of the retina
Life and Medical Sciences-$15,000
Norway: Margaret Veruki
Berkeley: Marla Feller

An Equitable and Sustainable Generational Transition in the Agriculture-Food System Through Entry by Young and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers: Policies and Perspectives from Europe and the United States
Social Sciences-$15,000
Norway: Alicia Donnellan Barraclough
Berkeley: Alastair Iles

Freedom and rights in the context of risk to a child: Children’s views of child protection and the state
Social Sciences-$15,000
Norway: Marit Skivenes
Berkeley: Jill Berrick

Habitable Air: Urban Inequality in the Time of Climate Change
Social Sciences-$20,000
Norway: Kerry Chance
Berkeley: Sharad Chari

University of Oslo (UiO)

Teachers’ Skillful Coping with Disruptive Behavior in Norwegian and American Classrooms
Norway: Liv Duesund
Berkeley: Elliot Turiel

Optimizing Affective and Cognitive Impact of Network Visualizations Engineering and Design-$25,000
Norway: Roger Antonsen
Berkeley: Gregory Niemeyer

A new software for evaluating phylogenetic hypotheses and its application to the evolution of Bilateria
Life and Medical Sciences-$18,000
Norway: James Fleming
Berkeley: John Huelsenbeck

Conservation of biodiversity hotspots: Developing new collaborations and innovative approaches to study lichen biogeography  
Life and Medical Sciences-$20,000
Norway: Einar Timdal
Berkeley: Brent Mishler

Developing and applying probabilistic inversion frameworks for the advancement of paleogeographic reconstruction
Mathematical and Physical Sciences-$20,000
Norway: Trond Torsvik
Berkeley: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

Homotopy continuation for unitary coupled-cluster theory Mathematical and Physical Sciences-$22,000
Norway: Andre Laestadius
Berkeley: Lin Lin

Algorithmic Citizenship: Labor, Literacy and Societal Governance in the United States and Europe
Social Sciences-$25,000
Norway: Susanne Bauer
Berkeley: Massimo Mazzotti

Exploring the Ottoman World: Translation and Interconfessional Relations in the long 19th century
Social Sciences-$25,000
Norway: Einar Wigen
Berkeley: Christine Philliou

Towards a Global Summit on Gene Editing for Environmental Purposes? An interdisciplinary debate on risk, uncertainty and precaution in the new genetic era
Social Sciences-$25,000
Norway: Nertila Kuraj
Berkeley: Daniel Farber

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Making Sense of Big Data in Earth Systems
Mathematical and Physical Sciences-$25,000
Norway: Andrea Marinoni
Berkeley: Manuela Girotto